Fast Sample Exchange

Fully automatic load-lock system for fast sample exchange with two versions for top- and bottom-loading solutions. Probe movement is computer controlled and allows for an optimized pre-cooling sequence with a sample cool-down time of 6-8 hours. The load-lock mechanism comes with a smart controller that prevents accidental venting of the vacuum chamber and conflicting operation of the probe and gate valve. Loading mechanism can also be operated manually either with computer software or directly on the controller unit.

Bottom-Loading Probe

Bottom-loading option has bulk of the experimental wiring on fridge and the bottom-loading sample holder mates at mixing chamber flange with the wiring. With more available space in the fridge it is possible to also have devices that require more space installed on the lines for example filters, RF amplifiers and RF circulators. Probe diameter is determined by the magnet bore while available diameters are Ø 50mm, Ø 60mm and Ø 80mm.

Typical Performance Specifications

  • Base temperature < 10mK
  • Cooling power > 2µW @ 20mK
  • Cooling power > 50µW @ 100mK

Top-Loading Probe

Top-loading solution has all experimental wiring on the probe. Maximum probe diameter is set by the selected line-of-sight port. Available diameters are Ø 40mm, Ø 60mm and Ø 80mm (BF-XLD only). Entire system including cryostat and load-lock system has a height of approximately 5m.

Typical Performance Specifications

  • Base temperature < 10mK
  • Cooling power > 5µW @ 20mK
  • Cooling power > 100µW @ 100mK