LD Series

Versatile and Powerful.

Standard range models BF-LD250 and BF-LD400.

High Cooling Power

Best-in-class heat exchangers with superior performance. BF-LD400 system typically provides more than 15µW at 20mK on the experimental flange with only 18L of He-3. In addition, it has a high cooling power of ~0.5mW when operated at 100mK.


Clean and open design with sensitive parts well protected and out of reach for the user – minimal risk of damage during installation of experimental equipment.

Reliable. Low Noise. Spacious.

Nine LOS Access Ports

All line-of-sight ports reach from room temperature to mixing chamber.

  • 2 x K-63 slotted in all flanges
  • 5 x KF-40 including central port
  • 2 x KF-16

Fully Automated Operation

Single push of a button initiated fully automated cool-down sequence from room to base temperature.

Large Experimental Space

MXC Flange Diameter: 290mm / 11″

Off-center placed dilution unit maximizes useful space on all flanges. Open design permits easy experimental access without being obscured by heat exchangers or system support structure.

Superior Performance

  • Base temperature well below 10mK
  • Fast cool-down: < 24 hours to 10mK

High Value of Ownership

Oil-free pumps and compressors in gas handling unit guarantee minimal maintenance requirements with service interval up to 3 years. The systems employ only high quality components such as Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps and pressure sensors, VAT vacuum valves and bellows.



Guaranteed Expected
Base temperature 10 mK 8 mK
Cooling power @ 20 mK 10 μW 14 μW
Cooling power @ 100 mK 250 μW 300 μW
Cooling power @ 120 mK 360 μW 400 μW
Cool-down time to base 24 hrs 22 hrs


Guaranteed Expected
Base temperature 10 mK 8 mK
Cooling power @ 20 mK 12 μW 15 μW
Cooling power @ 100 mK 400 μW 450 μW
Cooling power @ 120 mK 575 μW 650 μW
Cool-down time to base 24 hrs 22 hrs

Note: Cooling power is measured outside MXC flange.

Worldwide Recognition

Over 100 leading research institutions and companies use BlueFors systems in the fields of quantum computing, nuclear physics, astronomy and basic sciences.

Special Versions

Horizontal model BF-LH

Low-height, compact and truly horizontal dilution refrigerator system capable of operation under different tilt angles. Ideal for beam line, telescope or detector experiments.


Entry level systems provide a BF-LD cryostat without dilution unit. Allows experiments down to 3K or 0.5K with the possibility of upgrading to dilution refrigerator at any later stage. All standard options such as magnets, wiring and vibration isolation are available. Upgrading to full BF-LD dilution refrigerator takes only 3-4 days at site of installation.


In S version the step heat exchangers have been omitted. Base temperature is below 30mK and the system still benefits from same cooling power at 100mK as the standard BF-LD250/400 systems.