We work together with American Magnetics Inc. to integrate cryogen-free superconducting magnets into dilution refrigerators. Many different configurations are available depending on the experimental requirements e.g. incorporation of field compensated regions, increased field homogeneity, fitting of persistent mode switch, low drift rates and optical access.

Available Configurations

  • Up to 14 Tesla solenoid magnets with various bore sizes
  • Two- and Three-axis vector magnets up to 9 Tesla with various bore sizes
  • Split pair configurations with optional radial optical access
  • Other configurations and higher fields upon request

Magnet Integration

Magnet Integration Package is designed for reliable magnet operation together with fast installation and removal of the magnet itself.


  • Screw terminals for current leads provide a fast and simple magnet installation / removal without soldering
  • Connection to the 4K flange with a high thermal conductivity tube, which ensures effective heat transfer with low thermal gradient
  • Quick connection rail for the power supply at room temperature
  • Magnet temperature monitoring
  • Persistent switch wiring

A full magnet package typically includes:

  • High current leads (copper/HTS)
  • Superconducting magnet with diode quench protection
  • Optional Persistent mode switch
  • Magnet temperature sensor + readout
  • High-conductivity 4K interface tube
  • Still radiation shield with tail to fit magnet
  • Optional Cold finger
  • Optional Power supply
  • Full magnet test at BlueFors