Additional Vibration Isolation

Different levels of improved vibration isolation for experiments that are particularly sensitive to low frequency vibrations (<1kHz). The packages are designed to both reduce the vibrations that couple via floor and provide extra freedom to decouple the pulse tube cooler and gas handling system from experimental insert.


Vibration isolation package: Extra rigid support frame with heavy aluminum top plate.

Active vibration damping package: Vibration isolation between frame and cryostat. Active vibration damping relative to the cryostat support frame in the range 1.2-200Hz. Max load 400kg. Requires Vibration isolation package.

Gas Handling System isolation: Reduces vibrations coupled to cryostat from gas handling system via pump lines. This upgrade includes an additional frame with pump lines molded into a concrete block and Still pumping lines further decoupled via two metallic T-dampers.

Optical Access

Line-of-Sight Ports

Direct optical access to the sample space. The optical ports can be equipped with different window materials and are available in various sizes and configurations. With four 0.5″ optical ports equipped with our standard fused silica windows the DR systems still reach a base temperature of < 15mK.


Installation set for fibers from room temperature to sample space. Utilizes hermetic FC/PC or FC/APC bulk-head feedthroughs which can be made to work with most fiber types available on the market. We also offer the complete solution with fibers included.

Magnetic Shielding

μ-metal magnetic shielding can be fitted directly to the system, for example μ-metal cylinder with one end closed inside lower section of the vacuum can. For magnetic shielding we work together with Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.

Additional Radiation Shields

Additional EM shielding around the sample space. Shields can be attached to mixing chamber plate and cold plate (BF-XLD only). Standard shield material is gold-plated copper. Other materials and platings available upon request.

Long-Life Cold Trap

Unique long-life cold trap allows continuous operation of the system up to three years. The trap is integrated with the system and does not need any cryogenic liquids to operate.

4K Heater Kit

Fully automated fast warm-up option which enables overnight warm-up for standard BF-LD systems.

Service Packages and Extended Warranty available upon request